Introducing the


Benefits of TITAN Fume Arms
  • All external adjustment
  • 200° F rated hose
  • Industrial spring support
  • Hood inlet diffuser

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Please contact TITAN concerning your project and we will confirm the Fume Arm model number best suited for your equipment requirements.


This arm is a hanging type that is designed for industrial applications. The standard unit offering is suited for weld smoke and grind dust source capture for applications with a maximum temp of 200° F.

The AH-0607 Fume Arm is 6 in. in diameter and 7 ft. long, weighing 55 lbs. The arm tube sections are 25 guage steel, powder coated blue. The arm has a manual damper close to the hood.

All parts are externally accessible; no internal parts require adjustment or maintenance. For further details, see the Specifications in the DOWNLOADS section of this page, or call a TITAN salesperson with specific inquiries.

Mounting Bracket
Hanging fume arms require a mounting bracket; TITAN model B-6.

System Fan Sizing
TITAN fume arm models are available in 6” diameter and 8” diameter. Fan sizing is critical in relation to the operator experiencing satisfactory face velocity at the arm hood. TITAN recommends that the system fan be sized for the following per the diameters noted:

  1. 6” Diameter Arms: 900 CFM per system drop
  2. 8” Diameter Arms: 1,200 CFM per system drop

Please contact TITAN with any questions concerning the sizing of the fan for your application.